Tuesday, 26 March 2019

new work - last week of March

blossom song

blossom song

a new miniature embroidery artwork

measuring 11.7cm x 10cm I am sure you may appreciate the tiny detailing and intricate nature of this piece - stitched using my basic machine as a drawing tool..... I have enjoyed seeing the new blossoms in my neighbourhood and was inspired to stitch this work as a celebration of spring. I like the expression of the folk figures singing in this piece.

still life works

two still life works

on the left is: home for tea and the painting in the right is song thrush jug. They are both gouache on Canson Heritage paper and measure 16cm x 12cm and 18cm x 13cm..... I have painted birds on jugs and other ceramic vessels for years and years - it is something I enjoy. I like how they are captured in a moment of peacefulness and yet lend extra life to a still life. Hope that makes sense!

anemones and pagoda cup

anemones and pagoda cup

I must admit to being particularly pleased with this painting - something about the colours and I was a little nervous about painting the anemones because I don't consider myself a 'flower painter' - yet I enjoyed the process and really got into it - I think listening to the right piece of music and going with the flow helps when painting.... This work measures 22.8cm x 17.7cm - so quite a bit larger than the two above

These and more in my shop tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm UK time - thanks always

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