Tuesday, 5 March 2019

new work - first week of March

embroidery portraits

new embroidery portraits - brooches

two new detailed portraits

It is the first week of March, cooler than the strange February heatwave that we enjoyed recently, but this morning is bright and the birds are singing. I am busy with new work and looking forward to spring ahead.....

I am planning a modest-sized shop update this week - and most Wednesdays from now on. There may be weeks when I will not be able to update, for one reason or another, but I think little and often is the way forward for this spring.....

bottle and cup with spring stems

bottle and cup with spring stems

rabbit jug with leafy stems

rabbit jug with spring stems

You may recognise this rabbit motif! When I shared this picture on Instagram yesterday it was lovely to hear from people who have got rabbit portraits purchased a while ago. I may just make one or two new small rabbit portraits - but for now I enjoyed painting this still life.....

still life with muscari and blue cup

still life with muscari and blue cup

and just enjoying the blue muscari, or grape hyacinth, now flowering.... they are a spring favourite

these and more in my shop tomorrow at 7pm UK time

thanks always for your interest - any questions or comments are welcome

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