Saturday, 23 February 2019

new work: toward spring light

colour / figure studies

colour / figure studies

I have been working quietly this week, focusing on gouache smaller works... These are engrossing to create and I have enjoyed the colours and shapes very much. There are so many possibilities. Each measures 13cm x 9cm, so they are about postcard size.

It's a spring-like mild day here and it certainly helps to see the sunshine. I have been dealing with a few health issues lately (nothing contagious), that are ongoing but I am getting help, taking it easy when I need to (or trying to - I don't find it easy to take a break). I am glad that the winter is nearly over, though you never know when we might just revert back to ice and snow! I am hoping this is it: spring is coming, the days are getting longer - that helps me and I am sure it is a quite universal thing.

still life works

inspired by the warmth and regrowth of spring - these are also gouache on Canson Heritage paper and measure 18ccm x 13cm, 17.5cm x 13cm. I find I enjoy painting trees and branches very much, so it occurred to me that I should introduce stems and branches into my still life works.....

These and more will be in my shop when I update this coming Wednesday at 7pm UK time. I hope I may have a few mixed media stitch pieces as well as paintings but cannot be sure at this stage of things.

Enjoy your weekend

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