Tuesday, 26 February 2019

new work - embroidery

embroidery brooches

a few new embroidery brooches

I have not been able to stitch these detailed pieces as much as I would like just recently. I have to be careful with an ongoing neck/shoulder issue. But I was able to enjoy stitching these smaller works. (I think focusing on small pieces is a wise thing for me to tackle.) Unfortunately there are days when I just not able to stitch using my machine and that is some what frustrating but years of intense stitching have taught me to take it easy when I need to.....

These will be included in tomorrow's update.

There will be a mix of new still life works, tiny landscapes, colour / figure studies and more in my shop tomorrow at 7pm UK time.

Edit: and I have just completed this larger brooch

embroidery brooch

new paintings and tiny paintings

 Yes a new series of tiny paintings has begun... I shall be working on these through the spring and summer months (and possibly beyond but a...