Friday, 8 February 2019

daily work project

You may have been following my daily work project - either via this site or Instagram. I have made a large group of drawings, many are gouache on brown paper - there is a variety of subject matter and style. It's been an interesting process to challenge myself to produce a drawing each day. If you have yet to see - you can take a look at the whole series so far.

I am taking a break from this, for now, but may pick up with a new daily project some time in the near future. Possibly a daily writing post.

Meanwhile, I have been working quietly on new artworks for my shop update next week. There will be a selection of tiny landscapes, monoprint drawings, still life works and daily drawings. If you are interested in purchasing a daily drawing and it does not feature in my shop then please do get in touch and I am can give more info - I am holding on to a small selection but most will be for sale.

Thanks always and have a good weekend

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