Friday, 1 February 2019

blood on snow in paintings - text/stitch work

ablood on snow in paintings

blood on snow in paintings is an improvised piece of writing created using my sewing machine as a handwriting tool

the text reads:

oh bright blood on snow / in paintings or a feast of / rose hips trampled into the ice / by female blackbirds or some/ unknown speckled creature no I / see the blod is painted as if / more than reality or jewel like / signifying everything and nothing / appears almost as a dot dot dot / in a breathless space only made / a moment ago by a new sweep / of brushstrokes or a prayerful/ hand in search of the miraculous / miraculous what does a word like / miraculous mean these days / all i can do is dream of the past / saints kneeling in snow may explain/ themselves their purity upon / snow or why it is I feel this/ is a trap our eyes are only / tracking animals / who look back at us/ as painterly shadows

reverse of blood on snow in paintings

I hope to continue more of my writing and stitch/text pieces in the future and will share new pieces as and when they come about.

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