Well here we are, it's the day before my last shop update of the year.... So many mixed feelings right now: happy with what I have to offer, inspired by how much I have learned this year, determined to continue on with making my best work, a certain ache in my shoulders from the physical hard work of concentrating, stitching, painting details.....

I have for this December update a mix of paintings and embroidery pieces too...

tiny birds in the herb garden

tiny birds in the herb garden

another in my monochrome gardens series.... I have plans to keep working on these, just so long as the ideas keep evolving

embroidery brooches

four small embroidery brooches - small yet very detailed, classic little pieces. I do enjoy stitching smaller pieces. They are still physically demanding to make but I enjoy the challenge of really tiny details.

at topiary cottage

at topiary cottage

and another garden scene..... I enjoy the playful opportunities....

Also a large group of tiny landscapes - and a few charcoal drawings..... So quite a large update. So I do hope you will take a look tomorrow at 2pm UK time.

Over the next few weeks I will be catching up with paperwork (ugh but necessary), working quietly on ongoing projects for next year and having a bit of time to myself... It has been a busy time. I will be posting here every so often. Thanks always for visiting my blog.


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