two angelic figures on blue

two angelic figures in blue

a new embroidery artwork - this piece measures 10.2cm x 9.2cm approx - intricately detailed.... I particularly enjoyed the challenge of designing their gowns with the figures on the right skirt and combining blue with gold - something that alludes to early historical art.

I have two embroidery pieces this week - and so the other piece is one in my ongoing series of singing figures.... this one is titled evergreen:


evergreen measures approx 9cm x 9.3cm

and a new painting in my monochrome series:

working til dusk in a winter garden

working til dusk in a winter garden - gouache on Fabriano paper 22cm x 21.5cm

I like the challenge of working with just black - the possibilities are there if you want to find them, in the subtle layers and textures.... a garden is made of layers and things emerging or disappearing, and there's something about painting and gardening that goes together......

These and a few more in my shop tomorrow at 2pm... thank you. This is my third from last update of the year. So I still have lots of work ahead of me. Updating each week is hard work, but my choice and I enjoy making a variety of new work very much. Thanks always for your support.....


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