NEW WORK - November favourite things

autumn leaves and old books

autumn leaves and old books - a new still life work in gouache on Fabriano paper

This month I have a simple theme: favourite things. I sometimes give myself a theme to work within, it helps me focus. The past few months have had a general autumn theme. November will be quite eclectic, as I explore a quiet array of favourite themes, colours, moods and ideas....

a garden visitor

a garden visitor

Of course, if you read here you may know I am a keen gardener - though I don't get into the garden some days, and would like to do more. Earlier this year I must admit I lost my gardening mojo just a bit. It was the height of spring, time to sow seeds, plant out, and I just could not quite get motivated. However, more recently I have felt the itch to get outside, tidy, plan, move pots. My aim now is to do at least five minutes gardening each day, more when I can, even if it is just checking on and watering pots..... Anyway, enough garden chat for now....

angelic figure in green and gold

and a new embroidery piece - another in my series of angelic figures. This piece is particularly detailed (yes I know I always say that, but the tiny details, geometric landscape/backdrop really did take me several hours of careful work).

These works and more in my shop tomorrow (and it just happens to be my birthday tomorrow.... I can't remember if I have updated my shop on a birthday or not before, but no matter.... 49 is not a big deal to me. But I do feel I have achieved quite a bit during my 40's and hope that continues for another year....)

Thanks always - shopp update Wednesday (tomorrow) at 2pm UK time

I am updating my shop every Wednesday until and including December 5th. I'll then be working quietly until the new year.


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