NEW WORK: homes and gardens

Apologies for the later than usual new work post this week! I had a technical glitch yesterday.

This week I've been painting a variety of homes and landscapes, tiny and not so small....

tiny landscapes

most are the size of a bridge playing card: 88mm x 56mm and the smaller ones are much smaller.... they are all gouache on gesso, linen and mount board. I have been working on this series for some weeks now. Each week I add a small collection to my shop. They often sell quite quickly; I know several people are collecting them and I am most grateful. I find creating these small scenes is an engrossing process and when I come up for breath I can feel a little disorientated in my actual surroundings...

Also a not so small cottage in a garden scene:

acorn cottage

this work measures 22.5cm x 22.5cm - so yes it is quite a change to work on these different scales.... a different approach to painting altogether. This is on Fabriano paper. Painting with gouache on paper is the traditional way to use gouache, of course. (Gouache on gesso-ed linen and board is quite different - it takes a lot more paint and I use layering techniques.)

I have a few other cottage garden series works to add to my shop - you can see all the selection later today (Wednesday 24th) at 2pm UK time.

I also have a small collection of autumn sketches, mostly still life inspired, more abstracted works that I will be selling at special prices. Here is a favourite: interior with striped bottle -

interior with striped bottle


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