new work - embroidery and monochrome gardens

I seem to have had a busy few days and am glad to say I have a few rather special pieces to show you.... These will be in my shop tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2pm UK time

I have made a start on what I hope may be a series of new angelic figures in stitch

Here is you one of the two - angelic figure with blue and gold:

angelic figure

As always I enjoy the tiniest of details, the challenge of creating a sense of perspective or the illusion of space, worlds within worlds, the relationships of tiny faces....

I have also been busy with gouache paint - I decided it has been a while since I had created any monochrome works, especially garden / cottage / figure scenes and wanted to explore this again. I have two of these and here is one:

winter lights

winter lights
this work measures 21.5cm x

My hope with this series (which I hope to continue with) is to explore a relationship with the garden as a personal space, a home, a refuge, a dreaming sphere... gardening as an essential part of life, the shapes and textures of a garden, the changing seasons, how a person may inhabit an outdoor space, become part of the landscape, have a sense of belonging..... that's a lot to consider!

These and more - including tiny landscapes - in my shop tomorrow....


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