NEW WORK: a challenge in blue and white

still life with pagoda cup and drying verbena leaves

pagoda cup with drying verbena leaves

still life with blue and white ceramics and pin cushion

blue and white ceramics with pin cushion

saki cups and feathers

saki cups and feathers

I love a challenge - well, some of the time... and was in the mood to work on a small series of still life works. Looking about my collections of ceramics, old and new, I decided upon revisiting a favourite theme: blue and white. My starting point was a cup I call the pagoda cup - it's probably English made and I bought it from a local market. This cup has already featured in a few paintings before now and is now in two of three paintings above.

So my challenge was to create three still life paintings with a blue and white theme, yet each painting should have its own mood and palette. I decided to just get on with the painting and see how it felt. I painted one at a time, putting them to one side so I did not refer back to each or others. It was an interesting process. Had I found myself feeling like I repeating myself I would not have enjoyed it and might have stopped at one - but it seemed I did have three paintings to 'say', so it was for me something interesting to do. I hope you may enjoy these. I'm certainly happiest when using gouache, I have to say. I do like acrylics but over time I have worked out how to paint in just the way I want, using gouache and I feel i can layer up and create a sense of space using what is quite a basic chalky paint. I know some people feel oils are the 'thing' but even if I had the space to work in oils I am not sure now that I would be too fussed....

These and other works in tomorrow's shop update (2pm UK time). Expect to see new tiny works (landscapes and portraits) and a few monoprints....


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