new work

embroidery brooches

a trio of embroidery brooches

I have been stitching...... oh yes, these things take time but I am pleased to say I have three brooches completed ready for my shop update this week. (I am adding new work to my shop each Wednesday until December - there may be embroidery works but not every week).

I have also been exploring the possibilities of texture and layers in a landscape:

autumn walk

autumn walk - mixed media on paper, 23cm x 19cm

This work combines gouache with acrylics, patches of linen and paper to create a work that is most definitely autumnal yet timeless....

I will also have a new selection of tiny landscapes and perhaps one or two other works - I like to not showcase everything beforehand, so there can be a few surprises. Hope you may enjoy taking a look tomorrow at 2pm UK time.

Thanks for your kind comments/emails re: my Saturday posts. I am encouraged to know a few people out there are enjoying my rambling notes etc... I look forward to sharing more. If you have not read - my Saturday posts are quite simply me talking on topics other than my own visual artwork. It's an opportunity to get to know more about what interests me etc...


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