new work

monoprint with ink wash

interior with bowl of apples - monoprint drawing

I have started the week with working on new monoprint drawings. One I get engrossed in the scratchy inkiness of them I can find myself quite productive - but I never take this for granted. I can sit down and draw, and nothing much of anything will appeal to me. Such is the way. I am pleased with the small group of drawings I made today.

monoprint with ink wash

woodland figure

I've also been spending some time working in my sketchbooks and making larger collage works that somehow correspond to the experimenting I do in my books. For example:

mixed media collage

There are layers of found papers, linen, gouache and acrylics paint. Quite raw and experimental - but you know I like to push the edges a bit and just see what happens. This kind of work, framed just right, could make an interesting statement.....

I'm also working on new tiny ones - landscapes for now (the figures may creep in as we move into autumn) - and a few other ideas are brewing...

My shop update this week will be at 1pm UK time - attempting a slightly earlier time.

Thanks always


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