new work - monochrome series and more

Over the past several weeks I've been working on a series of monochrome drawings / collages. These works evolved from ideas in my sketchbooks and become something more. Making use of papers from old books, or just plain brown paper, or a combination of found materials, these works explore still life forms, memories and more.

I've kept these sketches, collages etc.. to one side and have been thinking of them as a series for a while. They are something I would like to continue with. However, I have also decided that I will sell a few - so I will be offering some of the best in my shop over the next few updates*.

still life with cruet set

still life with cruet set

mirror interior

mirror interior

Meanwhile, I also have a new embroidery piece for this week's update:

her golden hour - an oval portrait - 8.5cm tall

I may not have embroidery work in my shop each week - these things take time and so I am hoping to have one or two pieces most weeks, but to be fair I cannot promise there will be something every Wednesday*

And another in my ongoing cottage gardens series:

old alms cottages

I hope to also have a further selection of tiny landscapes and perhaps one or two other artworks - it is my hope there will be one of two different things each week that I won't preview anywhere beforehand - so it's always worth taking a look at my shop.

*UPDATE: I am aiming to add new work to my shop every Wednesday until December - times may vary, this week it will be 2pm UK time.


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