happy September


gather - a new embroidery artwork

Hello, I have been quiet here just lately but busy in reality.... I took a few days 'off' (though still managed to do a few hours work each day) and managed to do some things around the house, spent some time with family.

I am planning a shop update this coming Wednesday, 5th September at 2pm. From now on I hope to make small updates each week - until December. So, little and often will be the way through autumn. This week coming I shall have embroidery pieces, new tiny landscapes and house paintings - and perhaps a couple of other things too.

In future weeks I will have a mix of work, so that it will vary each time I add new artworks to my shop. And I will also vary the times! If you have any suggestions for timing please let me know. 2pm seems to be a time that suits many but I know it is not for everyone.


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