new embroidery

work in progress

a larger embroidery artwork - in progress - this piece is a little further on now.

I've been stitching quite a lot in recent days and finding my way into larger and more modest pieces. My hope is to make a sustained focus. I've got a new/old desk space (a desk I had but never stitched on before, moving things around etc..) and it feels quite a comfortable fit for me. My basic machine is now about sixteen years old and I just hope continues to work just the way it always has. It's a good worker. It may take time to realise it, and I have pushed against it many a time, but I do know a few things: my embroidery is distinctly my own work, very recognisable and takes a certain amount of skill and imagination to make. I also have to pace myself, perhaps work on more than one piece at a time, to make my very best work.

And it is my very best that I always want to make, strive toward. To do that I must focus. And so I will be making new pieces but no custom orders/ special orders. I'll simply add new embroidery work into my shop as and when. I'll certainly post here before doing so - and you can also follow along over at Instagram where I may post a few 'in progress' shots from time to time.

My next shop update is planned for next week: August 8th at 2pm UK time. I hope to add a mix of new work with embroidery. Thanks always. Hope to share more here soon.


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