new work: stitch postcards

a group of stitch mixed media works

A new wave of work is coming together for the summer ahead..... I have been making a series of postcard-sized mixed media stitch artworks. Many of these make use of the 'reverse side' or bobbin side of stitch and I have been experimenting with stitching on gouache painted paper. Each postcard is an individual work, most are 14cm x 10cm with a few slightly larger works.

There will be a variety of stitch postcards in my shop on Wednesday (7pm UK time).

Tomorrow I'll share here some new monoprint works..... I have not offered many monoprints recently, but am now hoping to make more during the summer. I think it's a good idea to shift gears, work on different ideas and series - so I am doing just that this summer. Though you won't see any dramatic shifts, there will be some changes and new approaches, over the months ahead.


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