Midsummer sketch sale

pencil portrait

pencil/graphite portrait of a woman

I have a very eclectic mix of works going into my shop tomorrow! These are all included in my Midsummer sketch sale. I will be updating at 2pm UK time. This sale will be up in my shop for two weeks only.

It has taken me some time to go through things I have in drawers and folders. I've been pretty ruthless about what I will be offering - only what I can consider to be the best stuff, the interesting pieces. This is your opportunity to purchase something that might not usually appear in my shop.

For example this little cup:

....is an orphan - I liked it but unfortunately the painting it was originally part of did not work out. So I was fortunately able to keep the cup as a study and I think it works nicely as a singular study.

Just a few other works to show you:

vessels on a red table

vessels on a red table

yellow with blue

small abstract

gouache botanical sketch


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