midsummer sketch sale

sketches - various

sketches - just a few

I am busy sorting through work and making a few new sketches in anticipation of my midsummer sketch sale - happening this Wednesday - please note time of this update will be 2pm (UK).

Looking through my work, things that I have hoarded over time, other things I have made more recently, I have decided it is time to let go of a few.... and so am offering everything at special prices. There will be an eclectic mix of works on paper including works in gouache and acrylics. Most will be quite modestly sized works, as I tend to work quite small. Some days I will just sit and make sketches to help me find new ideas, or I will work quickly for the pleasure of mark-making, and so over time I have collected up quite a few works. When I consider what I might offer for sale, I often look through and group things and sometimes there are things that I might feel don't quite fit, so they get put to one side. Over time this means I have 'orphans' or a few works together that for whatever reason never get offered or seen online etc....

So this is quite an interesting process for me now, looking over work with fresh eyes. I can be very critical of my work but am pleased that I tend to hold on to things rather than bin anything not deemed perfect. I know that it is worth going back to look again - and sometimes working some more on a piece can make new revelations.

I will share more photos here tomorrow.


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