NEWS: new embroidery brooch collection

Embroidery brooch in progress

I am currently working on a new collection of embroidery brooches. There will be a variety of designs, larger detailed works and smaller detailed ones too..... Last year, when I got back into stitching, I made miniature pieces but no brooches. So, inspired by recent research and sketchbook ideas I am working on this new collection and hope to share much more with you soon.

The first selection of brooches will be in my shop on April 4th at 7pm UK time.

I will be adding further selections of brooches, and possibly other embroidery pieces, to my shop through the spring. I do need to pace myself and these things take time, but my hope is that embroidery will become a regular 'thing' in my shop, or at least will feature more regularly than in recent months.

Alongside the embroidery, I shall of course be continuing on with paintings etc... There will be no shop update this Easter week - I need to focus on stitching and other things. There should be a new post later this week giving you a preview of some of the new brooches.


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