new work - monoprints

Over the past week or so I have been working on new monoprints. These are drawings made using a simple printing process - laying paper over an inked surface and drawing into the paper. I use a needle to draw. So many interesting lines can happen, with chance smudges, echoes. The mark-making is what fascinates me but the piece must work as a whole and I have a high rejection level. For every drawing I make there are maybe five, ten or more that don't quite make it. An idea can be tried over and over until I get something that works entirely for me. Of course this is a subjective process but for me it is not enough to make an image that has some interest - it must be a a good one or it gets recycled.

I'll be adding a selection of monoprints (and a few paintings) into my shop tomorrow at 2pm UK time,

monoprint with ink wash

experimenting with blue ink and liking the results - I have three blue and white still lifes

girl at a table

young woman at a table

head of a girl

head of a girl

Many more to see tomorrow....


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