new work - feeling spring

Daffodils (folk figure) 30cm x 22cm gouache on Fabriano paper

daffodils - folk figure. I do enjoy creating figures who are of no particular time but are somehow outside of time and of the imagination - yet have something universal about them. The spring feeling in this painting is like a breath of fresh air after all the snow we have had recently....

I have had a few requests to show new work here a bit earlier than I have been doing.... I understand and appreciate your interest. So I will endeavour to share a post here either early Tuesday or better still Monday. However, there are times when time just runs away with me. But I will do my best, thanks.

Stacked vessels and muscari in terracotta pot. Gouache on Fabriano paper (21.5cm x 21cm)

stacked vessels with muscari in terracotta pot - another still life in the ongoing series of works made as direct studies. This is a particular way of painting, working from the direct experience of looking in the moment and recording as honestly as possible. My natural inclination is to work in quite a loose, improvised way - often finding things as I make marks and moving objects about to suit the composition as things develop. Working in this direct way deserves a different focus - I make a clear decision to stick with what I have in front of me! Of course I am the one choosing the subject and the light I work within often dictates a lot about how the subject will be presented. I enjoy the challenge and am learning through this weekly process of sitting down with something in front of me and considering each element, detail and relationship of shapes.

I will show here a few more works early tomorrow morning. My shop update is tomorrow at 2pm.


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