new work

Hello, no post here last week - I was taking some time to work in sketchbooks and considering new ideas. I've also been busy making new work for my next shop update - Wednesday 28th at 7pm UK time. Here are just a few of the artworks to be offered:

Year after year the snowdrops return - gouache on Fabriano paper (29.3cm x 22.3cm)

year after year the snowdrops return

a landscape painting (29.3cm x 22.3cm) - quite a bit larger than the miniature landscapes I have been working on recently. I felt the ideas and shapes that might emerge needed more space. Working on a small scale is very challenging - though I enjoy it. This painting is still relatively small compared to the grand old gallery paintings it may be inspired by. I describe my painting as 'folk art' because it is not trying to be big and grand. Instead I am interested in working within smaller spaces, using the limits of a small range of colours to create something just a bit out of the ordinary.

apples with handmade bowl

apples with hand made bowl - still life painting. Worked from life. Inspired by the deep purplish red of the apples, I looked about my space to find something that would work in a kind of harmony. The bowl is one I made many years ago.


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