new work - different light

Holly fern in a jar - still life painting (25cm x 22cm) gouache on Fabriano paper

holly fern in a jar - a still life work

I have been working on a variety of new paintings, continuing on with current ideas... I'm fascinated by the challenge of painting light, whether it is reflected, or a reflection. Light shifts as I work, the sun can be fleeting at this time of year. And then there is of course working at night, with artificial light of some kind, apparent or not.... I'm particularly interested in exploring glass and reflections in my work and will continue to do this over the months ahead. For a long time my still life paintings have been about paring down, looking at relationships with shape and tone. Whilst these things will always interest me I am 'aiming higher' in all things this year, wanting to stretch myself.

evening study: pagoda cup and muscari

evening study: pagoda cup with muscari

I am updating my shop tomorrow at 7pm  (UK time) with a mix of still life works (including the above and another), miniature landscapes and tiny portraits.


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