new work - a different light II

evening study: daffodils in a bottle with Japanese cup

evening study - daffodils in a bottle with Japanese cup

gouache on Fabriano paper

Still life with ribbed vase - gouache (19cm x 18cm)

a detailed study in brighter day light - still life with ribbed vase

gouache on Fabriano paper

Hellebore in a jar (22cm x 21cm) gouache on Fabriano paper

hellebore in a jar - worked during sunny hours, once again so fascinated by glass

These - and a further selection of tiny portraits - will be included in my shop update today at 2pm. I do apologise for  not blogging/sharing these before today, I am chasing my tail a bit this week!

Please note that there will not be a shop update next week - I have begun and will continue to spend some time quietly working on new ideas, sketches, in books and on paper, and I also need to complete work to send to elsewhere (a group show in Australia, for example). So I need to catch my breath a bit. The weekly cycle of updating my shop has been a good one, has allowed me to keep the kettle boiling, focus and achieve quite a lot. But I now need a few weeks to change gear, take stock and refresh.

Thanks always for your interest, it is much appreciated. New work in my shop today at 2pm UK time.


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