new work - size matters

a rainbow

a miniature landscape titled - a rainbow (12cm x 9cm)

I enjoy working on a very small scale, and I think these gouache/linen works really lend themselves to a smaller scale. There is something about the chalky surface with frayed edges of linen that I just enjoy so much. From time to time I will use these materials to make slightly larger landscape works -

spring plants for sale

spring plants for sale - this one measures 17cm x 13cm and so is quite a bit larger than the miniature format. This larger size is something I may use when exploring ideas with more detail or more heavily populated scenes. The painting is still quite modest in size but takes a great deal more paint. When working in this way I am using quite a good amount of gouache paint, laying down layers. A lot more paint is used when working on primed linen than if I were painting on paper. I've noticed how qucickly I need to stock up again on tubes of paint and anticipate needing a lot more to complete a work.

Working small does not mean a work takes far less time - that is clearly not so when working in a very detailed way. However, it is worth mentioning here that a miniature landscape can take me a many steps to complete, allowing for layers to dry. So I am offering these small works at a modest price.

I'll be adding these works, and others, to my shop tomorrow at 2pm UK time. I am attempting to vary shop update times and will be aiming to continue to update most Wednesdays. Thanks to everyone who has made January a successful start to the year for me - much appreciated!


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