new work - miniature landscapes

two figures in early spring

miniature landscape - two figures in early spring

I am updating my shop tomorrow (Wednesday 10th - 7pm uk time) with a selection of paintings and monoprints.

I'm particularly enjoying working on an ongoing series of miniature landscapes. These landscapes are peopled (so far) with one or two figures. Whilst I am interested in the details of the scene it is the whole feel of the work, the colour and texture, that fascinates me the most. I am inspired by historical painting from different times, especially painters who have used spare brushwork and a limited palette.

first snowdrops

first snowdrops

When ever I visit galleries it is the smaller paintings that gain my attention - because they command closer inspection - and because in a world often dominated by the mighty and muscular, a smaller work might offer the viewer a different way of seeing things. Peeking into the frame of a smaller painting in a gallery is more like looking through a viewfinder, whereas the grand canvasses demand you take a step back and be in awe. Small paintings may be seen as 'humble' but they can be anything but, if they are able to take the viewer to a different space.


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