folk portrait in stitch

a folk figure in stitch

folk figure in stitch

This larger piece (though measuring a modest 13.3cm x 11.3cm) is a highly intricate stitch work created using my sewing machine as a drawing tool. Made over a period of days, working on a section at a time until the whole came together with so much detail - many hours later the portrait is complete. This work will be the one and only stitch piece to be added to my shop this coming Wednesday.

Also in my shop this Wednesday will be the latest in my series of cottage/landscape paintings, a series of very small portraits, monoprint works - and if they arrive in time from the printers - a postcard pack featuring sketchbook pages. This will be my last update of the year, so I am working hard to make it a special one....

I hope to show more new work here over the next few days.


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