rosehip cottage

rosehip cottage in winter

rosehip cottage in winter - gouache and gesso with linen on mount board

I am busy working on new artworks for my last update of the year next week---

 Above is just one of the paintings I will be offering. I'm enjoying this combining of linen and gouache on a gessoed surface. There's an interesting texture and layering created.

Inspiration for this cottages/homes series comes from walking about my local neighbourhood and memories of visiting other places, paying attention to the old and quirky cottages that thankfully still survive today. I must be honest with you here - I do not live in such a cottage myself and only wish I might one day - but in my heart my home is a small house built probably in the eighteenth century, with low ceilings and amazingly efficient plumbing and heating!

Hope to share more new work with you as the days go by....


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