a small stitch revival

stitch quartet

Over the past several days I have been working on new miniature embroidery artworks. I decided recently that I would attempt to make just a small series/collection of pieces - to prove to myself that I could still stitch to a level that pleased my eye. I had taken an extended break from stitch, for various reasons, including physical. Working again on these new stitch pieces has been an intense experience. Perhaps I had forgotten just how stop-start it is, just how much strain it puts on me physically, how gratifying it is when the stitches come together in a way that pleases. I wished to make a small series that had a limited palette, with figures that might be considered 'angelic', their gowns decorated with feather motifs. I went with the flow, allowing the tiny faces to emerge as they needed.

These are all small, nearly all of them are no bigger than 8 and a bit cm tall. Yet each piece took me several hours to complete. My old sewing machine, a basic model that I have had for about sixteen years, seemed to remember what to do. I am not sure when/if there will be any other embroidery pieces, any time soon. Perhaps I'll just revisit, once in a while, when new ideas come to me.

The four embroidery artworks will be in my shop this coming Wednesday - along with new paintings and more - update time: 2pm (uk time).

Have a good weekend - more soon


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