Monday, 11 September 2017


autumn pots

autumn pots - smaller gouache painting - one of several smaller works made recently

Hello, it has been a rainy, chilly, trying to be sunny start to the week here. Today has been my son's first day at sixth form college and after a long summer holiday it will take me a few days to adapt to not having his company when I take a break from painting - but I think he has had a successful first day. I hope if your family are having new beginnings or new starts this autumn that all goes well.....

Today I've continued to work on my smaller works series - these are all postcard sized paintings (14.5cm x 10.5cm). Above is just one example. They are not all autumn themed. I am simply working on each one, individually, considering an eclectic mix of ideas and seeing where those ideas take me. Some times I may begin to paint and something else comes through, other times my idea evolves into something like I had imagined. I really cannot predict outcomes when it comes to painting and am glad for happy surprises.

I hope to share new work here later this week. My next shop update will be next week, on Wednesday 20th September at 2pm UK time.

Have a good start to your week

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