Monday, 4 September 2017



sketchbooks on my desk - I enjoy working in my sketchbooks very much (I know I say that often), I think it is important to give time to working in sketchbooks as here so many ideas can evolve - ideas that become something more..... That may seem obvious, but one can be surprised by how easy it is to neglect sketchbook exploring. Sketchbooks are an important part of what I do.

Hello, it's an autumnal start to the week here - we had fog this morning, it has been drizzly with just a vague hint of sunshine. So here we are on the edge of autumn. I stumbled over acorns on the path close to my house the other day. The evenings are getting darker - and I noted that most obviously when we had a power cut. As the sun went down I found fairy lights.... (the power is fully restored now and the fault in our street repaired). I hope you are having a good start to September.

Today I've been busy with errands, sending packages etc... thank you always. This afternoon I have been working in my sketchbooks and drawing.

I'm mostly working in my sketchbooks, drawing quietly, researching, reading, getting ideas together this week. I've news of a new project for the autumn and hope to share that with you later this week.

Take care and more soon

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