Tuesday, 29 August 2017

new work - monoprint drawings

monoprint drawings

a group of recent monoprint drawings

each drawing has its own energy - some are quite small, detailed drawings - with smudges and overlapping lines suggestive of detail. Some drawings are quite sparse yet anything but simple. For every drawing I make there are several 'not quites' or 'fails'. I may have an idea that I keep going at and then, perhaps, just eventually it works the way I want it to.

An example of an idea that I've come back to for several attempts until I got just about what I wanted to convey is this one:

woman seated on a bed

woman seated on a bed

I had to go for it in different ways - until I got what I was looking for. I was looking for a certain energy and mood, something not exact or quite tangible - a suggested space and moment, with not everything said but enough.

I'm hoping to devote more time to drawing, monoprint drawing and related ideas in September. It will be my focus, as I want to challenge myself to make larger drawings perhaps, and series of drawings, I'd like to try out a few different approaches and go further with current ideas. It's important to me that I keep on developing my skills and thinking - and this may require some dedicated time, of course, and research. Quite simply I want to push myself onward, and keep my lines dynamic where they should be.

My shop update tomorrow will include new monoprint drawings shown here - also a lively selection of new paintings. I hope you may enjoy seeing the selection - at 8pm UK time.

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