Friday, 4 August 2017

new work - monochrome portraits

in leafy shade and light - portrait of a young woman

in leafy shade and light - portrait of a young woman

I've recently been working on a new series of monochrome portraits - I return to monochrome (and faces) quite often - making imaginative portraits within the world of 'black and white' and so many shades of grey. My influences are varied and I hope this comes through in the painting. I am interested in the wide world of historical portraiture - from early medieval right through to contemporary, but with a particular interest in Elizabethan and Victorian/early twentieth century faces. Along side this I have a particular interest in early photography, the atmosphere and subtle blur of movement due to long exposure, the way people presented themselves for the camera and so much more. And of course I am interested in hinting at stories, lives, without saying too much, allowing you the viewer to contribute with your own responses.

So these portraits are not of particular people in exact times - they are very much about how people are of no fixed time. I believe we live in various strands of time at once, influenced by our own pasts and present as well as collective pasts. It's this flux and tentativeness that intrigues me.

Without wishing to say too much - I simply hope these portraits delight you, in all their monochrome tones.

within a garden - monochrome portrait

within a garden - monochrome portrat

feathers and a cameo necklace

feathers and a cameo necklace - portrait of a woman

Working with just black gouache certainly makes me look again and again at how to convey shape and tone without relying on colour - it's more than a good exercise to attempt a still life with just black - all kinds of interesting things might happen - so I'm also working on still lifes and will share one or two next week.

Have a good weekend

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