Monday, 14 August 2017

mosaic Monday

tiny book -  monoprint and gouache

tiny book - gouache and monoprint
I've almost completed this tiny book - just a few more pages to go and then I will make a cover. This is a book I have made for myself, rather like a visual journal, something to remind me of this summer.

Hello, it's a cloudy yet warm start to the week here. We had a rather lovely, summery weekend - so I spent many hours in the garden, tidying, sorting and replanting containers. I'll share a garden post next weekend. I still have an abundance of green tomatoes with one - just one - almost ripe. I live in hope, as always, there will be a way....

Thank you to everyone who visited my shop last week, special thanks if you were able to purchase an artwork, or zine (I have just a few copies of my poetry zine left). It was a pleasure to put together packages and send my work to near and far, something I never take for granted - so I do thank you.

Today I have been painting - and after taking a few days off from making work I felt quite anxious to get back to my brushes. I feel a sense of trepidation, butterflies in my tummy, then when I get stuck in I am too absorbed to be anywhere but right there in the moment of the picture - and what a great feeling that is, when it is working, or I can find a way through from one problem solving area to another. Sometimes making 'mistakes' leads me to better results, building up more interesting layers, or finding a more dynamic look.

This week I am going to be dividing my time between working and catching up with personal projects. I hope to share new work with you some time soon. My next shop update will be at the end of the month (30th).

Have a good week ahead

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