Monday, 28 August 2017


still life with dark green backdrop

still life with dark green backdrop - artist book / painting

Hello, it's a very warm and sunny bank holiday Monday - quite an extraordinary day - my family and I can't honestly remember the last time we had a sunny August bank holiday. However much I welcome the sunshine (tomatoes are now ripening and we are eating them!) I am also mindful of other sorts of weather happening in different parts of the world, particularly I am thinking of people in Texas USA..... We are a small world that often experiences extreme weather - and I do believe climate change is making an impact. Though huge events can often make one feel helpless, I am reminded that if everyone made just small changes....

So I am sat here typing away and enjoying the warm weather here. I'm not sitting in the sunshine because it is just a bit too hot for me - but I will take my cup of tea outside in a moment, check on the lettuces hiding beneath layers of protective fleece. I found a butterfly had got under a fleece and was eating kale this morning. No matter how I try to control things, I cannot.

I've been monoprint drawing this morning - which is all about not having control - and I love it. I like the accidental mark-making, the energy in lines - discovering things. It's the chance encounters that I like about drawing without really seeing where you are going. Some drawings are about brevity, whilst others have smudgier details... I've quite a lively group of drawings to add to my shop, so far. And I hope to carry on drawing over the next few days. I will share a post of new drawings tomorrow.

My shop will be updated this Wednesday - note the time is a later one - 8pm UK. I hope you may enjoy seeing all the new works.

Have a good start to your week and take care.

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