Monday, 7 August 2017


interior with figures and striped jug

interior with figures and striped jug - oil pastels on card

Hello, it's a cool, cloudy start to the week here - summer has sort of fizzled out, but of course all could change any day. The tomatoes in my garden are plentiful and green. It's good weather for lettuce and other leaves....

Today I have been working with oil pastels and will get back to work in a moment. It's engrossing work, getting into the layers and textures that can be built up using this distinctive medium. I hope to add a few new oil pastel works to my shop this week - including the painting above.

Shop update -  this week, Wednesday at 2pm.  look forward to sharing a selection of new work - and another 15 copies of my poetry zine, just in case you missed out with the first run.

Thanks always - more tomorrow

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