Monday, 21 August 2017

garden in August

bamboo has thrived with so much rain this summer

I enjoy greens in the garden. I like to create small lush spaces. I've grown many flowers from seed this year, but not all successfully. The sunflowers have been a success, valentine is a sweet pale variety. Zinnias are not so much for me. The poor, battered foliage is not attractive, the brash pink flowers not for me, though I do like the limes and whites.

fern - so good all year round

a lettuce called Forellenschluss - meaning speckled trout - a heritage variety - no idea how it tastes but am growing many of them and they are all doing well (thanks to fleece to protect from butterflies etc..)

calendula - sown several weeks ago - just about ready to flower - to give early autumn colour

a zinnia I like!

Hello, it's a damp, autumnal feeling start to the week here - woke up to fog and many spider webs all about the garden. I've no doubt we will see more sunshine in days to come but the days are getting just a little shorter and summer will fade away.... I look forward to autumn, perhaps my favourite season.

This week - I have been painting today and hope to share new work with you here soon. There is no shop update this week as I am getting new work made plus have some family commitments. It is exam results week and my son is enrolling at his new college.

So my next shop update will be Wednesday 30th at the later time of 8pm (UK).

Have a good start to your week and more soon

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