Monday, 24 July 2017


figure within a garden

figure within a garden - monoprint drawing

Hello, it's a chilly, damp start to the week here - hardly feels like July, oh dear. I look out of the window into my garden to see hot  pink zinnias just coming into bloom and I apologise to each one for not providing the dazzling sunshine such a flower might expect. Meanwhile, I have been painting and cutting paper today. The paper cutting is due to putting poetry zines together. I've now printed and sewn together all the first edition - and have the tiny botanical drawings (one to be included with each zine) to make tomorrow.

So this week I will be updating my shop on Wednesday at 2pm. I'm keeping 2pm as my regular update time slot for now - but I may try another time next month. I appreciate 2pm is very late/early depending on where you are, but this seems the time that works for most. If you are looking to buy a zine please note that if, by some chance, I do sell out I will be considering another print run in the near future.

Tomorrow I'll share with you a few more new works. Have a good start to your week.

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