Sunday, 30 July 2017

garden in late July

lime zinnia and black cornflower

Here we are in late July - the last few days - and it has been a wet, windy and chilly period, nothing much like summer. When not busy painting, photographing artwork, packaging orders etc.. I have been checking the weather forecast hoping to see a bright spell starting soon, hoping for warmth and plenty of sunshine. Despite the lack of sun many of the flowers I have grown from seed are blooming, making a decent show of it. I do like the lime zinnia just opening and will definitely grow black cornflowers again next year.

a vivid pink zinnia - most of the zinnias I grew this year (zinnia elegans) have made bright pink flowers - they really are this bright. Whilst I am not a huge fan they are certainly cheering the garden. 

first sunflower - valentine - I do like the softer primrose yellow and dark eye of this variety

a small raised bed (about 40cm long) - made using a recycled picture frame I had about the house not using - with a thick card base. I have another raised bed of a similar design that has lasted well - (despite terrible rain storms my first attempt at a cardboard raised bed has been a success, holding together still after three months and I've just re-seeded with new lettuce). The first main crops of summer for lettuce, chard and herbs seems to be coming to an end so I am starting again with new sowings - above you can see basil (some nibbled ah!) turnips, with lettuce and kale seedings just appearing - they will be picked small.

carrots, mixed salad leaves and kale in pots. I had no problem with butterfly damage earlier on in the summer but now can see it - so am covering (with fleece) things like kale from now on. I am covering the carrots also to protect from carrot fly.

green tomatoes - so many of them needing sun - with greek oregano and pink diascia growing in the background

Where ever you are - if you can spare some sunshine please send it over. I am not interested in a full-on heatwave, but a few days of warm sun would be very welcome. If we don't get the sun then never mind, I have been learning a great deal this year, growing my first carrots and turnips, and hoping to make soup for my birthday in November - that's something worthwhile. And if the tomatoes stay green I'll be looking for green tomato recipes.

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