Monday, 22 May 2017



mantle - a larger painting on Fabriano paper

Hello, it's a sunny, warm - almost summery - start to the week here. Today I have been painting, working on a variety of new work. At the moment I am working on larger paintings - which are liberating and I am working in a looser, bold way and learning a lot. Alongside the bigger ones, I am working on new concertina artist books..... So I vary my scale of working quite a bit, going from 12cm tall to 40cm tall... which may not seem like such a difference, but really does feel like one.....

Tomorrow I'll share here a few more new works.

Just to let you know I will be updating my shop next week - on Wednesday 31st May - please note the time will be 8pm (uk time). I am shifting my times a bit, with the hope that different times may suit different people in different people - as well as suit those lovely faithful folk who tune in each update, thank you! I do appreciate all interest in my work.

Have a good start to your week

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