Sunday, 9 April 2017

new work

sempervivum in vintage pot

sempervivum - acrylics on Fabriano paper

I am currently making a series of smaller paintings of garden pots and plants. Working from examples in my own garden, these are detailed yet expressive observational paintings. I hope I may find inspiration through spring into summer (and beyond). I've got a small collection of vintage garden pots and I particularly enjoy painting their dark terracotta tones, varying from pot to pot. In many ways I enjoy the challenge of making something 'simple' eg. a red earth pot, into a painting that is more than... if I can. This series will also be a good reason for me to keep up my interest in gardening, growing from seed etc... We shall see how this goes....

A few weeks back I took a break from painting very much at all and focused on drawing. I am glad I did this, it helped me get some ideas and to consider what wanted to do. A shift of media often helps. I realised I was drawing a lot from looking about me, my home and work spaces, just observing stuff. And I realised too that I was still interested in painting but very much as an observer of painting. So with this in mind I have been working on new interior paintings, featuring paintings within.

the bathers painting

'the bathers painting' - acrylics on Fabriano paper

You may also note that I have cracked open my acrylics paints again - after painting in gouache only for the past three months. This shift into working in acrylics is interesting to me as I enjoy the freedom to work with expressive brush marks and layering of paint. My brushes never last for long because I do like to scrub into the painted surface at times, though I have one or two 'best brushes' that I use more carefully due to the fact they cost me about £20 each. My main brushes for doing what ever with are student quality, perfectly adequate for me, if I then switch to using my better brushes when necessary. It's all about having the right gear, not the most expensive but the right for your own work. I now stick with what works for me and will invest in what matters the most, for example I only work paintings on the best paper (though I will sketch and make marks on just about anything).

interior with bowls and portraits

interior with bowls and portraits

I hope this gives you some idea of what I have been working on recently. I look forward to sharing more and will be having a special shop update on 19th April.

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