Saturday, 4 February 2017

new work

old park cottage

old park cottage

oil pastel on Fabriano paper

I have spent the past several weeks exploring new landscapes - in both oil pastel and gouache..... I am continuing on, with the possibilities of spring encouraging me forward.... I do love the feel, texture and playfulness of oil pastel. It appeals to the sculptor in me, and the layering up of dense and shaded tones allows for a certain depth. It's interesting that working instinctively, as I do, I see shapes early on and yet the picture can alter over time quite remarkably so. Working with oil pastel is a time-consuming process for me, yet I feel it is time very well spent. I'm glad I've been making lots of sketchbook pages in oil pastel, to help me along. These sketchbook pages are a very helpful resource for me to always have close by. I'm also looking again at a range of landscape artists that have inspired me over years, including Ivon Hitchens.

a gardener

a gardener - gouache on Fabriano paper

When not working in oil pastel I have been considering new work in monochrome gouache.... I find the challenging of working with just black makes me consider light in a way that is so vital to the picture. Using colour can make you rely upon colour! And light is the important thing in painting, yes? I have been looking at some photography of gardens and landscapes by the painter Ben Nicholson. I came across his photography in a very interesting book (from an exhibition at the Tate in 2004) titled 'Art of the Garden'. I've borrowed the book from the library and only wish I had my own copy.....

These are just a few of the works I have made recently - there will be a selection of new paintings and ink drawings too in my shop next Wednesday.

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