Tuesday, 3 January 2017

new work - artist books and more

talk of rebirth

'talk of rebirth'

Indian ink on paper - a folding artwork, artist book

I  often consider the book form - whether a simple concertina of folded paper, or something more 'bookish' with a sewn spine. I'm interested in spending more time exploring ideas over the months ahead. I do feel a strong attraction to artist books and have done for many years. There are so many possibilities. A main focus for the coming months.....

Considering display of book works - you have a range of options: you might wish to keep as a book and store carefully to be looked at occasionally, as part of a collection. Or you may prefer to display, standing 'as is' on a shelf. Or you might prefer to frame behind glass - and here you have further options, to perhaps frame flat in a standard frame or display in a deeper box frame. So, if you were wondering how something like this might work for your collection, you have plenty of choice.....

Most of the work going into my shop tomorrow was made just before Christmas. However, I have worked on new artworks today and so have a few new-new pieces to add to the selection. And so here is my first gouache book work of the year:

healing land - gouache on Fabriano paper

still life with jug and pink bowl

still life with jug and pink bowl - acrylics on Fabriano paper

Just a few of the artworks to be added to my shop tomrrow.  So I hope you may enjoy taking a look tomorrow (2pm uk time).

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