Tuesday, 29 November 2016

new work

Here's a further look at just a few of the artworks coming to my shop tomorrow - as I said in yesterday's post this is the last 'big update' of the year and so I am adding an eclectic mix of work (there will be two smaller updates in the first two weeks of December).

stacked cups and jug on printed cloth

a still life work, acrylics on Fabriano paper - 'stacked cups and jug on printed cloth. I am aiming toward making still life paintings that have an expressive feel with layering and texture. Working this way requires a great swoop of energy, but when the moment comes: I go for it.....

trees book II

In the past few weeks I've started a series of 'tree works' - these are painted on folded paper, to have the feel of a book, (yet would be best displayed framed flat). These tree works are responses to my walks in local woods and again are about energy, colour, and expressive mark making. I'm adding two of these tree works to my shop tomorrow. I anticipate working on continuing with this series as we move through winter and into spring, perhaps revisiting the general ideas, every so often....

gouache works

and a further selection of gouache works on Fabriano paper - various sizes - there will be a good selection to choose from.....

so just a few of what I'll be adding to my shop tomorrow, 2pm UK time. I hope you may enjoy seeing the selection. And thanks always for your interest.

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