Tuesday, 15 November 2016

new work

two figures in snow landscape

two figures in a snow landscape

acrylics on Fabriano paper

solitary walker in a winter landscape

solitary walker in a winter landscape

I've been feeling my way back to more abstracted figures in acrylics.... It may be strange to say, but I had no conscious plan to paint snow. However, when I am working 'well', I am able to let the work flow and am guided mark by mark, without making too many predetermined plans. As I sometimes say to myself and others: having an idea is not always a good idea. Of course this may allow for a rather hit and miss approach to making images and I would agree there can be days when letting it flow just doesn't work at all. Yet, I am coming more to understand the above is my approach, if there is such a thing as one approach.

Anyway, I am thinking aloud here....

I'm working on an eclectic mix right now. Including new still life works - in gouache. I am exploring shelves as a way of organising and composing.... I spend a lot of time sitting next to a cabinet crammed with my pots and bottles collections. I enjoy painting and sorting shapes in this way.

shelves still life with triple bowls - gouache on Fabriano paper

Just a few of the various artworks coming to my shop tomorrow: 2pm UK time.

Thanks always

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