Tuesday, 18 October 2016

new work


'Lanterns' - a larger and quite detailed gouache work on Fabriano paper

winter may wait

'winter may come' - gouache on Fabriano paper

Yes, definitely feeling autumnal..... I am making the most of all the colours around me for inspiration. I know sooner rather than later I may just move on to wintry landscapes, and am also making work with no exact season.... 'Lanterns' is quite a detailed work for me. I wished to convey a sense of moonlight, with lantern light, with a warm and friendly mood.....

a new tree

'a new tree'

this work is acrylics on paper. I like to make expressive, quite abstracted work with acrylics. I want it to look like paint with visible brush marks perhaps and to have a sweep of light about it. I think I've just about achieved my aim with this portrait. Emphasis is on colour and simple shapes.

These are just three of the (about a dozen) new artworks to be added to my shop tomorrow. I'll be updating at the usual time of 2pm (uk). Thanks always.

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