Tuesday, 11 October 2016

new work - brilliant trees

a seat by the trees

'a seat by the trees' - gouache on Fabriano paper (20cm x 15cm)

If you have been following my work recently you may have noted just how much I enjoy painting trees.... I enjoy the shapes, the colours and challenge of them. I've always been in awe of brilliant trees. It's now that I must admit how lacking in knowledge I can be, regarding their identification. That is something I am putting right - each time I go for a walk I seek to id the trees that I see, and there are so many. But locally, we have oak, birch, mountain ash, willow.....

two trees in a dish

'two trees in a dish' - acrylics on Fabriano paper (14cm x 11cm)

Trees again, but enjoying the idea of a 'world in a dish' - and yes I do like a good bonsai. I'm interested in the simplicity of Japanese ideas and design. Expressive and textured brush work.

These are just two of the (about a dozen) paintings that will be in my shop tomorrow - 2pm (uk time). Thanks always.

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