Tuesday, 20 September 2016

tea in the woods - new work

tea in the woods

'tea in the woods' - a larger gouache artwork (larger for me that is - measuring 25cm x 21.5cm) on Fabriano paper.

Some people may describe themselves as beach or water types, others feel connected with mountain or desert. I think I've always felt a connection with woodland, the ever-changing nature of the place, the light and dark, the scope for story. I walk in our local woods quite often, though it is a relatively small space within larger open parkland, the 'trees bit' is where I like to linger. Woodland is not always romantic, there can be a sense of secrecy and things yet seen, or described clearly. Each time I sit to sketch or paint a woodland-inspired idea, a slightly different perspective may emerge.

table conversation

I have also been working on new interior-based paintings - here is 'a table conversation' smaller painting - gouache

and a new monoprint drawing:

in amongst the stragglers

takes us outside again, but into the familiar territory of the garden - 'in amongst the stragglers'

These are just some of the new artworks to be added to my shop tomorrow afternoon - usual time, 2pm (uk). Thanks always.

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